These loans are meant to help a self-employed professional increase or improve their business and overcome liquidity crunch when buying equipment or investing in their own business. Read on for a comparison of a few professional loans that are offered by some of the top banks in the country. At QuickFins, Doctors, Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants can enjoy easy access to loans that are specially designed to meet their professional goals.

We bring you a suite of customized loans – Professional Loan for Doctors, Professional Loan for Chartered Accountants and Professional Loan for Company Secretaries, keeping in view your financial objectives.

Irrespective of whether you want to expand your office space, scale up operations, infuse fresh working capital or to meet any of your professional goals; our Professional Loans can help you do it all. These loans entail a simple eligibility criteria and minimal paperwork, thereby making easy and quick access to loan.

Professional loans can be taken by journalists, dentists, accountants, engineers, architects, solicitors, and other such professionals who are practicing their trades. Professional loans are available with interest rates that vary between 9.90% and 16% p.a.